Meet the FAIRtax Guys

Ron Maiellaro

After returning from duty in Vietnam with the Navy in 1970, Ron spent the next 25 years in public education as a high school science teacher and district administrator.  After leaving education and New York State, Ron and his wife Elaine bought a commercial truck (an expediter) and drove team together for five years.  While spending many hours behind the wheel, he would occasionally listen to Neal Boortz describe the FAIRtax.  Ron read the first FAIRtax book by Boortz and Linder in 2005 and was immediately hooked.  In 2015, Bob Paxton asked Ron to join him in creating FAIRtax Power Radio, a weekly podcast that was published on and Facebook.  In 2018, Big Daddy Studios in Gainesville, FL invited “The FAIRtax Guys” to host a weekly digital TV show which can be seen on this website and Facebook.

Bob Paxton

Bob began his radio career while still in high school doing weekends at WMDE in Greensboro NC.  After leaving the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he spent the next year and a half at WTIK in Durham NC before heading to WMOP in Ocala FL in 1974.
In 1983 while working for WRYO in Crystal River, Bob decided a career change was in order and he left the radio business to become a computer programmer.   He spent eleven years at Central Florida Community College and fifteen years at NEFEC in Palatka before retiring in 2011.
“I have always prided myself on being a logical thinker.  So, when I first heard Neal Boortz talking about the FAIRtax, it just made so much sense, I knew I had to get involved in the effort to get it passed.”
Thus, FAIRtax Power Radio was born starting as a weekly program on Leading Edge Radio Network, evolving into a weekly podcast, and then a weekly digital video stream.

The FAIRtax Guys in Action

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